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Mustard Yellow Hand Embroidered Woolen Suit

INR (₹)5,300 INR (₹)4,505

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  • Fabric :Linen
  • Color :Yellow
  • Size :62*70 inches
  • Stitching :Unstitched
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Embroidery :Hand Tilla Embroidery
  • Suit Type :One Piece
  • KBCODE: KB10510
  • Time To Make : 30+ Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Pastau
Have you ever experienced the companionship of nature? Have you ever been alone in a floral garden full of fragrances which lingers in your memories even after you leave? That is how this suit feels. In a cozy linen adorned by glitters of Tilla Dozi, this piece is surely leaving onlookers amazed and impressed.
Cherished by Kashmiri brides since times immemorial, Tilla Embroidery is done using a gold or a silver thread on needlepoint. Said to have originated in a village named “Zari” in Iran, Tilla Dozi was introduced by Shah – e- Hamadan, a Muslim Saint, who migrated to Kashmir from Persia following Taimur’s invasion. Tilla embroidered dresses make exquisite, epoch pieces of silver or golden hues and mark their presence, not only during the wedding but beyond it, in the memories of those who set their eyes on them. Kashmir Box – Tilla Collection