100% Genuine

Lipstick Red Fine Striped Pashmina Muffler

INR (₹)6,599

As you choose to accessorize, this winter, in the traditional Pashmina of Kashmir, you feel the feathery soft Pashm fibre caressing your neck in a warm and pleasant embrace. Soft to touch, classy to wear and modern to look at, the muffler has everything you need to keep your spirits high in the dark and gloomy days. The thin red stripes add more colour and life to your attire as you let it hang around your neck. You know now that the muffler is not just an accessory. It is a complete style statement.About Kashmiri PashminaPashmina!  For over a thousand years the finest craftsmanship of Kashmir artisans’ hand spinning a masterpiece has been a token of sophistication of a different level. The word Pashmina is derived from the Persian word Pashm which refers to the luxury wool. A typical Pashmina begins its journey in the mountainous region of Ladakh, where the Chanthangi Goat resides. The Pashm fibres thus obtained are cleaned and combed and spun by hand with utmost skill and dedic