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Kashmir Essence Saffron Sun Care Gel

INR (₹)579

Description:Saffron has been known for its unique property for bringing glow to the skin,since the ancient Vedic times.Tomato extract, on the other hand,protects the skin from sun damage.Combine them and you are set for the sun! We are  introducing Saffron Sun Care Gel from Kashmir Essence exclusively available on KashmirBox This gel is very soothing and can be used on any type of skin. Both vetiver oil and sandalwood oil have soothing cooling properties. Regular use of this gel makes the skin soft, bright and fair. Ingredients:Pure saffron grown in Kashmir valley; tomato extract; vitamin E; vetiver essential oil; sandalwood oil; water; carbomer ; potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate. This product does not contain any artificial color or fragrance. Directions: Apply a moderate amount of this gel in circular motion all over the face and massage lightly until it is fully absorbed. May be applied before make-up to protect the skin from sun rays. Suitable for all age groups.