100% Genuine

Handmade Ferozi Layered Necklace

INR (₹)3,200 INR (₹)1,600



  • Color :Blue
  • Craft :Turquoise
  • Care :Clean with soft cloth
  • Type :Handmade
  • KBCODE: KB5581
  • Time To Make : 20-30 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: NAAR
The modernity of a layered neckpiece is handcrafted using the age old techniques of Kashmiri Turquoise, a craft which is carried forward by the remaining 5 families of its craftsmen. The necklace comprises of handmade beads which have been threaded together to form a spectacular sight. The necklace displays abstract forms of Turquoise which have been threaded together to form a jewel which stands a class apart. It is made from Pashm stones of Ladakh, which are initially heated and ground till they attain a faintly green color. The stones are then heated further and embedded over the jewelry mould, smoothened over a charkha like wheel known as Khahrin and polished to give off a resplendent look to its wearer. The piece of beauty is given a beautiful Turquoise color, from where it gathers its name. The color only deepens as time passes. Treat yourself to this classic handmade piece of jewelry and let it support the last of its living craftsmen.
NAAR, a representation of fire, is a luxury lifestyle brand by Kashmir Box which inculcates traditional embroideries and designs into modish luxury vogue. Naar features sophisticated apparel and accents best suited for the passionate. Contemporary styles from Kashmir, is what NAAR is all about.
With only 5 artisan families left into its making, the craft of Turquoise or Ferozi is nearing its death in Kashmir. The art form is named after the Iranian Turquoise stone, which was initially used in its making. Later, Ladakhi Pashm stones were introduced into the craft. The process typically involves embedding the “Pashm” or “Hakkih” over a fiery hot base of copper or bronze and then painting them Turquoise. The Ferozi craft is elaborate and each piece has to go through a tremendous amount of heat for the actual beauty to manifest itself. Jewelry, artifacts, decorative vases and bowls and ashtrays are typically conjured out of it. Kashmir Box – Turquoise Collection
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