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Habba Khatoon Grey Scale Silk Wall Hanging

₹ 75,000



  • Fabric :100% Pure Mulberry Silk, Handknotted
  • Color :Brown
  • Knottage :484 knots per square inch
  • Size :2' x 3'
  • KBCODE: KBF2003
  • Time To Make : 5-7 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Art Handknotted
Taking cues from the history of Kashmir, an ardent lover of traditions goes back to the 18th century and crafts a stunning wall piece in the magnificence of silk in 45 long days. The carpet features ancient traditions of Kashmir where a woman can be seen spinning the charkha which was the main source of income of women in that period. 
Art Handknotted is an initiative of Kashmir Box with an acclaimed artisan family, and together we bring exquisite handmade, hand-knotted in pure Mulberry silk, works of art. Shahnawaz has been at the forefront of reimagining the dying craft of carpets. This exclusive collection is a testament not only for the revival of this craft but also its modern-day evolution as the artisan uses modern techniques and designs to help sustain the Kaalbafi (r carpet making) craft and take it back to the glory where it was once.
Carpet weaving was introduced in Kashmir by King Budshah in late 15th century. It is believed that he brought master artisans from Persia to improvise over the spinning and weaving capabilities of artisans, thus introducing the beautiful carpet weaving into the traditional arts of Kashmir. Carpet making in Kashmir is pure art and the quality depends upon the number of knots used in its making. Each carpet is woven based on a design visualized by a designer and its corresponding Talim which the weaver follows while crafting the piece of art Kashmir Box – Carpet Collection