100% Genuine

GI Certified Cinnamon Brown Hand Woven Cashmere Pashmina Waist Coat

₹ 39,375



  • Fabric :Cashmere Pashmina
  • Weight :330 Grams approx
  • Color :Brown
  • Size :Small 38, Medium 40, Large 42
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Type :Hand Woven, Hand Spun
  • KBCODE: KB6627
  • Time To Make : 20-30 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Phamb
With the authentication seal of Geographical Index, the prince of jackets - the Pashmina waist coat comes straight out of an emperor's wardrobe. Woven by the hand in the warm shade of brown, this luxury garment has once been distinguish by bygone kings and nowadays by global style icons. You can carry this traditional Kashmiri heritage of Pashmina and show off your grandeur as you walk proudly wearing it over your favorite ethnic or casual wear outfits. About The Craft Pashmina! For over a thousand years the finest craftsmanship of Kashmir artisans’ hand spinning a masterpiece has been a token of sophistication of a different level. The word Pashmina is derived from the Persian word Pashm which refers to the luxury wool. A typical Pashmina begins its journey in the mountainous region of Ladakh, where the Chanthangi Goat resides. The Pashm fibres thus obtained are cleaned and combed and spun by hand with utmost skill and dedication. The threads so obtained are given to the weaver who weaves them into warps and wefts, one knot at a time and bind them into a plush wrap or a piece of luxury clothing
Phamb is a Pashmina fashion house which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails all Pashmina products which are mostly hand-woven. The brand utilizes the name Phamb with high fashion and is committed to provide the luxurious Pashmina products in its authenticated and original state, which has been the legacy through hundreds of years for the people of Kashmir.
Kashmiri Pashmina has been registered under the Geographical Indications (G.I) of Good Act of India. The registration is an acknowledgement of the fact that the handicraft is unique and is produced in a particular area with traditional knowledge and skills. A G.I Certified Pashmina has a unique code, which can be searched on www.kashmirpashmina.secure-ga.com to verify authenticity. Specifications for a Kashmiri Pashmina to qualify for GI seal are: 1. It should be made of 100% Pashmina Fiber having fineness of below 16 microns and obtained from the under fleece of mountain goat "Capra Hiracus" 2. Hand spun on traditional wheel (Charkha) 3. Hand Woven by artisans traditionally and skillful developed unique handloom specific to it.