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Floral Bouquet Aari Embroidered Silk Saree

₹ 4,600

A colourful inventory of memories to make you nostalgic about the last garden of flowers you visited has just been captured into a traditional saree which is crafted for those sensitive admirers of traditional fashion, who carry a queenly aura in the way they dress up for those special evenings. The saree gleams in silk over which pastel Aari embroidery strokes create absolute magic. A must have for the culture rooted ladies out there, wear the saree to your favorite ethnic occasions and surprise peers and onlookers. 1.      About AariAari Kari is a fascinating hook art done in silk and cotton threads. The embellishment follows an elaborate process starting with the Naqash who traces nature inspired motifs over plain pieces of cloth. The imprinted fabric is then passed onto a Kaarigar (artisan) who uses a specialized hook called Aari, to embroider it. Typically done on suits, shawls and bags, Aari kaem works its colorful charm on a plain drape and inspires in it a lively ethnic a