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Ebony Tulip Kani Jamawar Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

₹ 114,000



  • Fabric :Cashmere Pashmina
  • Color :Black
  • Size :100*200 cms approx
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Design :Kani Jamawar
  • Type :Machine Spun Hand Woven
  • KBCODE: KBF2073
  • Time To Make : 5-7 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Toosh Kashmir
Perhaps the most beautiful forms of Pashmina is a black Kani. Made in the remote village of Kanihama, it was set into timeless fashion by Empress Josephine who was gifted one such shawl by her husband, Napolean. A Kani weaver uses small sticks known as Kanis to create a magical medley in its weave. A classic Kani Jamawar shawl, such as this one is a piece laden in art and takes approximately 6 months to 2 years in its making. Owing to it's bright color, it takes a Kani weaver extra efforts to weave it as the colors hit his eyes. This earns a black Kani a special place in the world of luxury fashion.
Representing the third artisan generation of his family, Toosh Kashmir has been into Pashmina making for 60 + years. They strives to tap into the most exquisite of Pashmina designs such as ancient hunting scenes, kalamkari and kani. They work with 60 independent artisans and artisan groups. Toosh Kashmir attempts to empower a Pashmina Kaarigar in terms of better wages. Whereas a Jamaawar fetches an artisan Rs 3000 per shawl, artisans at Toosh Kashmir earn Rs 1500 extra for every shawl made.
Pashmina! For over a thousand years the finest craftsmanship of Kashmir artisans’ hand spinning a masterpiece has been a token of sophistication of a different level. The word Pashmina is derived from the Persian word Pashm which refers to the luxury wool. A typical Pashmina begins its journey in the mountainous region of Ladakh, where the Chanthangi Goat resides. The Pashm fibres thus obtained are cleaned and combed and spun by hand with utmost skill and dedication. The threads so obtained are given to the weaver who weaves them into warps and wefts, one knot at a time and bind them into a plush wrap or a piece of luxury clothing