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Ebony Contrast Hand Embroidered Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

₹ 62,000



  • Fabric :Cashmere Pashmina
  • Color :Black
  • Size :100 cm * 200 cm approx
  • Weave :Tight Weave
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Embroidery :Sozni Kari
  • Type :Machine Spun, Hand Woven
  • KBCODE: KBF2103
  • Time To Make : 5-7 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Exotic Craft
The skillfully handwoven Pashmina shawl features the meticulous effort of 32 Pashmina artisans and an intricate hand embroidery spread gracefully across its border. The shawl is an eclectic color combination of jet black with a bright palette of fuschia and reds, making it ideal for gentlemen to drape warmly across their shoulders. NOTE: The actual color of the product may slightly differ due to photographic effects.
Exotic Arts is a brand known for two major crafts of the valley - Carpet Weaving and Pashmina Weaving since 1996. It's pioneers work directly and indirectly with 104 Pashmina artisans spread across 15 Karkhanas. While the rest of artisans in the valley are often deprived of their timely wage, those at Exotic arts get their due share of earning and recognition even before the shawl is made. This encourages them to pursue their craft even further. Th brand maintains exquisiteness of design which are often inspired by heritage Persian motifs and the ever changing needs of a modern society.
Pashmina! For over a thousand years the finest craftsmanship of Kashmir artisans’ hand spinning a masterpiece has been a token of sophistication of a different level. The word Pashmina is derived from the Persian word Pashm which refers to the luxury wool. A typical Pashmina begins its journey in the mountainous region of Ladakh, where the Chanthangi Goat resides. The Pashm fibres thus obtained are cleaned and combed and spun by hand with utmost skill and dedication. The threads so obtained are given to the weaver who weaves them into warps and wefts, one knot at a time and bind them into a plush wrap or a piece of luxury clothing