100% Genuine

Bottle Green Crochet Wrap

₹ 4,031



  • Fabric :Acrylic Wool
  • Color :Green
  • Size :82*21"
  • Care :Gentle Wash
  • Embroidery :Hand Aari
  • KBCODE: KB10540
  • Time To Make : 10-15 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Craft World Kashmir
A sheer look at them makes you warm. Cozy, comfortable and heavenly to touch, this wrap is sure to bring back the memories of pleasant summer sun. Handwoven in warm woolen crochet threads, try this wrap over winter ensembles for a more comfortable winter experience.
Craft World Kashmir is an initiative by two young and vibrant minds - Omaira and Beenish who came together through a common skill and creative bent of mind and reintroduced the art of crochet and fabric painting into the Kashmiri society. With utmost dedication and hardwork, they created a niche for themselves in the local market and created wonders out of their own hands.
Known for its rich quality, luxurious finesse and cozy comfort, Kashmiri wool is obtained from Himalayan goats and after a thorough process of cleaning and combing is woven into plush wraps, apparel and more. Oftentimes, a hint of silk is added to Kmiri wool to strengthen it. The resulting pieces formed are so sumptuous, they could qualify as a piece of Pashmina. The wool is embroidered in Aari, Sozni or Tilla to create a statement for its wearer.