100% Genuine

Classic Black And White Striped Stole

₹ 2,719



  • Fabric :Wool
  • Color :Black and White
  • Size :70*200 cms
  • Time to make :20 Days
  • Care :Gentle Wash
  • Pattern :Striped
  • KBCODE: KB7587
  • Time To Make : 15-20 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Koshish
For the formal occasions, handpicked is a classic black and white, plush woollen stole, handwoven into the most perfect finesse as thin contrasting stripes adorn its surface in the most graceful way. Thin colourful stripes intervene, and grace the pallas in a colourful demeanor, making the stole a perfect pick for the ones who do not compromise on style, even on the formal office meetings.
Koshish is a social impact brand which aims to uplift artisans from various genres of Kashmiri art. The brand stands for hope and revival sustains multiple artisan families by showcasing their products to a global platform.
Known for its rich quality, luxurious finesse and cozy comfort, Kashmiri wool is obtained from Himalayan goats and after a thorough process of cleaning and combing is woven into plush wraps, apparel and more. Oftentimes, a hint of silk is added to Kmiri wool to strengthen it. The resulting pieces formed are so sumptuous, they could qualify as a piece of Pashmina. The wool is embroidered in Aari, Sozni or Tilla to create a statement for its wearer.