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Chinar Tree Of Life Chainstitch Area Rug

₹ 4,453

In a luxurious blend of contemporary inspired design and a rich color palette, a bold and vivid area rug is specially chosen for those who love to enrich their interiors with something magical. The rug features a chinar tree and beautiful birds as its main embellishment design over a ground of the bright shaded dusoot cotton enlivened with vibrant detailing of silk threads in the Chainstitch embroidery transforming its essence to an extravagant one. Discover the art of exquisite interior designing as you choose to spread the rug in your living spaces.About ChainstitchKashmir is a beautiful land of impeccable arts and crafts. One of the finest and enchanting handicrafts of Kashmir is the Chain Stitch. The embroidery is done with a hook, locally known as Aari, on a white canvas of Dusoot Cotton. The aari/hook covers a much larger area than needle work and fills up the entire base. Chain Stitch Embroidery is done by hand and creates an embossed effect on upholstery and drapery.