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Cerulean Blue Handmade Jaali Woolen Stole

₹ 6,750



  • ColorPurple :3
  • Fabric :Wool
  • Size :70 cm x 200 cm approx
  • Care :Gentle Wash or Dry Clean
  • Embroidery :Sozni Embroidery
  • KBCODE: KB10660
  • Time To Make : 7-10 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Special Hands
The soft and comforting stole features the most intricate spead of Kashmiri flowers which is lent to it by a Sozni Kaarigar who works from dawn to dusk to create this elegy in art. The wrap displays a classic Jaali design which extends throughout the essence of this heart warming shawl.
Sewing their way out of their disability, three brothers from Budgam area of Kashmir, craft beautiful shawls and embroidery products even after being diagonosed with a muscular disease which affects their mobility. The brothers sit side by side in a small room of a single storied house, with a thread and needle in their hands, busy sewing elaborate pieces. The disability never affects their production and what comes to life from their weak hands are exquisite pieces of Kashmiri Pashmina or woolen shawls.
Sozni, like many other arts of Kashmir was brought in to Kashmir by the Sufi mystic, Shah-e-Hamdan. The embroidery is done by hand, with a small needle that at the hands of the artisan works magic on a Shawl. Sozni is also done on other apparel in the fabrics of cotton, silk and wool. Though the embroidery is extremely fine on the Pashmina Shawls as compared to the silk, cotton or woolen fabric, the charm it inspires is nonetheless the same.