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Buttermilk Tan Kids' Hand Knit Crochet Muffler

₹ 230



  • Material :Wool Thread
  • Weight :90 Grams approx
  • Color :Cream
  • Knit :Crochet
  • Care :Gental Wash
  • KBCODE: KB6671
  • Time To Make : 15-20 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Guru Foundation
A bright and colourful combination of pink and cream is set to change the mood and lift the spirits of your little princess as the fall arrives. A woollen muffler hand knit gracefully in the elaborate crochet work is going to pep up her winter outfit as she walks out of her cozy room to accompany you. It protects her, styles her and delights her heart, as she manifests the princess you raised her as.
Guru Foundation empowers local womenfolk from the Valley of Kashmir, trains them skills like crochet and embroidery and enables them to live a life dignity, honor and financial independence. The foundation becomes a harbinger of hope in the lives of these underprivileged ladies and makes them confident enough to believe in themselves.
Deriving its name from the French language, crochet is the process of creating fabrics by interlocking loops of yarn or thread with a specialized hook. A craft as ancient as time, Crochet uses a wool or saw a revival at the end of the Victorian Era with pastel colors being used to create accessories, apparel, blankets and more. The art of Crochet saw a surge in the Kashmir Valley in the year 2010 when two young women decided to come together and conjure colorful creations in out of the craft Kashmir Box – Crochet Collection