100% Genuine

Brown Kani Floral Pashmina Hand Woven Shawl

₹ 110,000

Inspired from the timeless grace of Empress Josephine, who cherished the Kani Pashmina gifted to her by her husband is a shawl in the classic Kashmiri Kani weave over the king of all fabrics - Pashmina. The luxuriant fabric begins as a fibre of the Changthangi goat somewhere in the mountain ranges of Ladakh. From there, it is brought to the picturisque valley and cleaned and combed and given the form of a fibre. This fibre is given to practiced Pashmina weavers who breathe a new life into the fibre by weaving it into warps and wefts to conjure a warm shawl. This weave is complicated for it is done with small Kani sticks to form intriguing patterns which are rooted to the very essence of this shawl. It takes the master artisan a total of 3 to 6 months to craft this epoch piece of a wrap. The shawl is an earthy shade of brown, adorned by opulent Kani florets. Regal in looks and sophisticated to wear, flaunt your Kani Pashmina to the world.