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Blue Kashan Woolen Kashmiri Carpet

₹ 40,000



  • Fabric :Wool
  • Color :Blue
  • Knottage :18*18
  • Size :4' x 2.5'
The sun rises in the valley and green fields spread like a flooring, covering worries of yesterday under its splendid covering. The artisan takes a note and starts weaving fields of his own imagination in the finesse of woolen threads. The loom gets filled with a veil of these threads in all colours, and months pass by till the birth of a Kashmiri Carpet. Labyrinth to the level of perfection and magical enough to steal hearts away, the Kashan pattern carpet is ready to enrich your floors in the most luxurious manner.
Starting way back in 1982, Reshi industries has been a popular name when it comes to carpet manufacturing. The business started with just 3 looms at an ancestral place where both men and women worked together. With time, the employees set up looms at their own homes and the industry grew from 3 looms to 3000 plus looms set up in various areas of South Kashmir. At present, Reshi Carpets is the larget manufacturers of handmade carpets, manufacturing around 80000 sq feet of luxury Kashmiri Kaleen.
Carpet weaving was introduced in Kashmir by King Budshah in late 15th century. It is believed that he brought master artisans from Persia to improvise over the spinning and weaving capabilities of artisans, thus introducing the beautiful carpet weaving into the traditional arts of Kashmir. Carpet making in Kashmir is pure art and the quality depends upon the number of knots used in its making. Each carpet is woven based on a design visualized by a designer and its corresponding Talim which the weaver follows while crafting the piece of art Kashmir Box – Carpet Collection