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Blue Cooing Bird Paper Mache Wall Plate

₹ 1,950 ₹ 1,658



  • Material :Mashed Paper
  • Dimensions :10 Inches
  • Utility :Decore Care
  • Color :Blue
  • Care :Clean with soft cloth
  • KBCODE: KB6023
  • Time To Make : 15-20 Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • COD: Available For this Product
  • Brand: Baba Art and Crafts
A beautiful songbird calls out a melodious rhythm amidst dense brances of a Chinar Treewhile the clock strikes midnight. The beautiful Manzar (scene) has been captured into the brush strokes of a paper Mache artist who paints it over a wall plate for this moment to last forever. The wall plate is made out of a base of Mashed paper which is transformed into this luxurious piece of decor through an elaborate process. Hung over your wall, it brightens up your living space with its handcrafted charm and silently whispers the details of this breathtaking moment to inspire awe.
Baba Art and Crafts are the unsung heroes of Kashmiri Papier Mache who strive to restore the pristine art form to its original glory. The brand works with moulders and Naqash (fashioners) from across the Shehr-e-Khaas to create embossed and intricate pieces of decor, storage and more.
Paper Mache is a delicate decorative art, born in Persia and brought to Kashmir by a Prince who spent years in a prison at Samarkand in Central Asia. The surroundings harnessed the creativity and romance for this art and finally Paper Mache took its roots in the simple homes and thus— a new art form was born. Paper Mache became the folk art of Kashmir; passing down from father to son, from generation to generation. Paper Mache involves two main steps: ‘Sakhtsazi’ is the actual production of the item and ‘Naqashi’ is when the item is painted with any number of motifs.