• 10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

    10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

    Amidst the carols and the midnight mass, the faith, and the excitement, one's merriment is actually incomplete until the home reflects it in its warming colors! And perhaps that is why when it comes to Christmas, the very first things which we chalk out in our mind are the little details of our home, our Christmas Tree, our advent wreaths and more. Perhaps our...
  • The Story of Santa Claus

    The Story of Santa Claus

    Santa Claus is one of the most popular and beloved holiday icons, adored by old and young alike. While the modern Santa is distinctly an American Creation, his story started thousands of miles away from the American soil in a place called Myra, in Asia Minor (now Turkey). St. Nicholas was a bishop who lived in the 4th century A.D, a rich and kind...
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