• The Enchanting Aari Kari

    The Enchanting Aari Kari

    Legend has it that a Raffoogar (darner) named Alibaba lived in the valley of Kashmir. He was proficient in his job of stitching and mending torn clothes and spent his days doing countless stitches and bringing dead clothes to life. One day a fowl stepped on a drying white cloth lying around while he was working. The imprints of fowl’s feet caught Alibaba’s attention...
  • Kashmir Chain Stitch Handmade Rugs

    Kashmir Chain Stitch Handmade Rugs

    Kashmir is a beautiful land of impeccable arts and crafts. One of the finest and enchanting handicrafts of Kashmir is the Chain Stitch embroidery which is locally popular as crewel embroidery (Aari Kaem). Though there is a slight difference in the two, these names are however alternately used in the local trade.
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