• Nisar Ahmed - Reviving the Craft of Kashmiri Turquoise

    “The craft of Turquoise or Ferozi originated in Iran and was to Kashmir somewhere in the 19th century. This craft has been deeply entrenched into my family for generations altogether. My grandfather learned it from a famous Karkhana near Jamia Masjid. From skilled artisans who were called Joras. In those times the Turquoise stone was imported all the way from Iran. After India gained...
  • Ghulam Ahmad Najar - Breathing Life into Planks of Walnut Wood

    Ghulam Ahmad Najar have been in walnut wood craftsmanship since their childhood, taking after their father, an ancestral art passed down from father to son down the generations. Working in the small kharkhaana in downtown Srinagar for the past 60 years, he is an old feeble man who has given his life to this art having passed it down to his son, Imtiyaz Ahmad...
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