Kashmiri Language

Five Kashmiri Words You Can’t Find a Substitute For in English

The Lipton Chai Blog | 06/04/2019

Everyone of us is familiar with certain words in their mother tongue which just cannot be translated into any other language. Here are some from Kashmir!


1.     KAEK

Personal favorite! The definition doesn’t do it justice.

Meaning: One who incessantly argues, questions, nitpicks and criticizes.


2.     OOTRA

More than a word, it is a habit we have of messing up the measure of time.

Meaning: Every day, before yesterday.



Funny imagery for a simple word.

Meaning: A sly, clever fellow.



Although the dictionary defines it as the above, it is more commonly used as a substitute for making noise while fidgeting.

Meaning: To toss or roll on the ground commonly used as a substitute for fidgeting.


5.     WONDA

More about feeling than resolve.

Meaning: A person’s inner intention, determination, resolve.