A Platter of Hokh Syun - 7 Kashmiri Dried Foods To Taste

Samiya Andrabi | 06/02/2019

 Kashmir is known for its rich heritage, culture and most importantly, its grand cuisine. Talking about food, the first thing that comes to mind is the Kashmiri Wazwan – a grand feast which is cherished by non vegetarians all across the globe.  However, the vegetarians need not despair! The valley of Rich Cuisines has a little something for every foodie out there. The Kashmiri Hokh Syun, which literally translates to Dried Foods are no lesser in taste or flavor. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The Valley of Kashmir is known for its harsh and gelid winters and it often happens that the valley is cut off from the rest of the world when it snows. In order to sustain the difficulties associated with this beautiful, yet tough season, the people of Kashmir sun-dry their vegetables during peak summers and store them for use during times when the valley stands completely aloof! In the modern times, when there is no such thing as being cut off, the people of Kashmir still hold on to this dried cuisine as part of their tradition and culture!                         


                                                                                                                                                  (Image Credits: Saveur)

Here are some of the most popular and cherished dried foods which you must try atleast once your lifetime!


Dried Quince Apple (Bamchoont Hache)

Locally known as Bamchoont Hache, dried quince apple is one of the most loved and cherished of the Kashmiri Hokh Syun. Special care is taken in selecting the best quality quince apples which are then sun dried under hygienic conditions to perfection. Drying out the water content increases the intensity of texture & flavor. With some yogurt poured over cooked dried quince, it makes a mouth watering Kashmiri delicacy you surely don’t want to miss out!


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