Kashmiri Proverbs

 The genius wit and spirit of a nation are discovered in its proverbs, said Bacon. Do have fun with a select few of ours.

Eight Kashmiri Idioms to Use in Daily Life

 They say you only learn the real people's tongue once you hear their proverbs and idioms.   Here are a few of ours; quirky, interesting and once again, very visual.

5 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

 Come New Year and we start making huge resolutions, imagining the ideal scenarios of our   lives and wishing to live by them. However, there is one major thing we tend to ignore each   year - our precious body, not realizing that when health is lost, everything is lost.

 This New Year, we have pledged to make healthy resolutions and to live by them. 

Is Your Pashmina Genuine?

But is your Pashmina genuine? For years, this question has troubled Cashmere Pashmina lovers across the world, who find themselves stuck in the dilemma of distinguishing the real masterpiece from the fake ones spanning the markets. 

It is for this purpose and that of preserving the heirloom traditions of Kashmir, that the G.I seal on Pashmina was introduced. A G.I Certified Pashmina is one which has been handspun and handwoven by Kashmiri craftsmen from original Ladakhi Pashm fibre and bears a seal of authenticity carrying a unique code which can be cross verified to trace its origins. 

The Kashmiri Wedding Checklist

 Often known for the exuberance and grandiose it reflects, a typical traditional Kashmiri wedding is a fun-filled ceremony with lots of colors, food, and singing. The bride and groom go through a number of rituals before the actual wedding that involves feasts, haircuts and ritual baths.

 However before any of that happens, it is the wedding preparations that commence months before the big day, especially on the bride’s part. The day is perhaps one of the most memorable days of her life. She spends months, if not years planning every moment of it to perfection. The excitement, the nervousness and the emotions surrounding the big fat Indian wedding cannot be put into words.

10 Exquisite Decor Ideas for Christmas

 Amidst the carols and the midnight mass, the faith, and the excitement, one's merriment is actually incomplete until the home reflects it in its warming colors! And perhaps that is why when it comes to Christmas, the very first things which we chalk out in our mind are the little details of our home, our Christmas Tree, our advent wreaths and more. Perhaps our happiness, celebrations, and everything jovial actually begins in the very place which we call home!

Kashmir Box - The Journey of 6 Years

 6 November 2011 - it was 6 years ago, on a crimson autumn day that Kashmir Box came into being. The journey through these years has been an incredible one, full of highs and lows, success and failure, and above all, of empowerment. After a sojourn of 6 long years, it delights me to say that Kashmir Box has been able to empower over 10000 artisans, 200 producers and 50+ creative entrepreneurs from the remotest corners of Jammu and Kashmir, who eventually a part of our family and enabled them to brand their products the way they had never done before. Being where we are today, the year of 2011 looks reminiscent of dreams and turning them into a beautiful reality.

The Story of Santa Claus

 Santa Claus is one of the most popular and beloved holiday icons, adored by old and young alike. While the  modern Santa is distinctly an American Creation, his story started thousands of miles away from the American soil in a place called Myra, in Asia Minor (now Turkey). St. Nicholas was a bishop who lived in the 4th century A.D, a rich and kind man who had inherited a lot of money after his parents had died who loved to help the poor with his money.

The Lores of Kashmiri Silver

 The tradition of using Kashmiri silver was rich. From the elite class, locally known as “Khojje” to the lower classes, each had a unique way of ornamenting in Silver Jewels for some articles of the craft were luxuries which only the rich could afford.  The women of the elite would wear the ancient headgear, Kasaba paired with exquisite Taal Razz and would be laden in heavy silver necklaces and cuffs. On the other hand, the lower strata of the society would wear light jewels. The same rules of the society would apply for objects of décor and utility.  Silver would hence act as a key element in defining and shaping the society. 

All About Kashmiri Pashmina Part 1

 Pashmina! The word sound like royalty in itself. For over a thousand years the finest craftsmanship of Kashmir artisans' hand  spinning and weaving a masterpiece has been a token of sophistication on a different level. The gorgeous and elegant Pashmina shawl has been the statement of class for the elite. From locals of the valley to the royalty of England, it has earned its way in the closet of all. Owning a genuine Pashmina is a dream of all women. Its elegance can transform any dress into a head turner; can make any lady stand tall. Throughout history; kings, queens and other nobility were the only ones who could afford to have shawls made from this ultra luxurious fabric.

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