100% Genuine

Black Kani Weave Jamawar Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

₹ 110,000



  • Fabric :Cashmere Pashmina
  • Color :Black
  • Size :100*200 cms approx.
  • Weave :Kani
  • Care :Dry Clean Only
  • Type :Machine Spun Hand Woven
  • KBCODE: KB9887
  • Time To Make : 80+ Days
  • Availability: Ships Internationally
  • Brand: Kashmir Heritage
Like flowers fallen from into oceans, drifting with little waves, making swirls around in colours of eternal bliss, a Pashmina shawl is handwoven to blend your special moments with nature's artistry. The shawl is woven in the timeless Kani weave which fuses colours of life into the lush Pashm base. Choose wisely the apparel you combine with the shawl, for it never loses a tad in its exquisiteness and unmatched elegance.
Being in the art of Pashmina weaving since decades altogether, Kashmir Heritage saw through the trends of the modern customer and adapted the traditional Pashmina to dual tones and Zari blings to create explicit statements for those who drape them across their shoulders. The brand specializes in reversible Pashmina shawls and stoles, dual tones and dual zari pashmina wraps.
Brought into the world of luxury fashion by Empress Josephine who was gifted the Kani Jamavar by Napolean, perhaps nothing speaks of the glorious Arts and Crafts of Kashmir, as does a sumptuous Kani Pashmina. The wraps were first made in Kashmir 600 years ago and the popularity grew in the era of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Kani in Kashmiri means small wooden sticks which are used to create eclectic patterns in Pashminas at the time of weaving. A fully Jamawar Kani Pashmina takes about 12 to 24 months to complete. Kashmir Box Kani Pashmina Collection