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Black Autumnal Chinar Garland Chiffon Saree

₹ 5,500

Starred in vibrant hued Chinar leaves is a saree of flowy chiffon which helps you glissade through the summer in perfect ease and comfort. The 6 yards of elegance are painted pitch black and threaded in the undying charm of Kashmiri Aari aari, an embellishment known to adorn the elite of Kashmiri Begums since times immemorial. The beautiful saree, the pallu of which flaunts a garlanded pattern is perfect to wear on a hot and scorching summer day - be it for a casual day or a kitty.About AariAari Kari is a fascinating hook art done in silk and cotton threads. The embellishment follows an elaborate process starting with the Naqash who traces nature inspired motifs over plain pieces of cloth. The imprinted fabric is then passed onto a Kaarigar (artisan) who uses a specialized hook called Aari, to embroider it. Typically done on suits, shawls and bags, Aari kaem works its colorful charm on a plain drape and inspires in it a lively ethnic appeal.Kashmir Box – Aari collection