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Apple Premium Sugar Free Kehwa Mix 30 Gram

INR (₹)974

Kashmir Box presents to you a new Brand in Kashmiri Kehwa, Apple Brand Kehwa. The famous drink of the heaven, Kehwa has been the centre of attraction for all foodies around. One sip of this delightful drink will take you into a wonderful trance, soothing your senses and calming your soul. Indulge in the rich exotic taste and aroma of kehwa and enjoy the flavors of Kashmir. Preparation (for 10 cups)- Take little less than 10 cups of water in a pan.- Add the 3 grams Kehwa mix to it.- Boil water for 10 minutes.- Add sugar as per your taste. Health Benefits:- It is a quick relief remedy for headaches.- It’s good for sore throats.- It helps in cleansing the digestive system.- It imparts a glow to the skin.- It is highly recommended for cough and cold.- It is recommended as a daily drink for those living in cold climes to provide body warmth.  Drinking kehwa after meals is good for keeping the carbohydrates and fats in check for health conscious folks! - It aids weight loss