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Red Floral Embroidered Woolen Stole

Rs.1,699 Ex Tax: Rs.1,699

A bold and beautiful shade, the blazing red plays base in this gorgeous aari embroidered shawl. Beau..

Arctic Blue Aari Kari Shawl

Rs.7,777 Ex Tax: Rs.7,777

We have for you a color vibrant shawl in the beautiful blue variant of sea, the arctic blue or paste..

Arctic Blue Daisy Embroidered Shawl

Rs.7,777 Ex Tax: Rs.7,777

A gorgeously embroidered woolen shawl designed to add charisma to your ethnic style. The shawl is a ..

Baby Pink Paper Mache Sozni Stole

Rs.4,595 Ex Tax: Rs.4,595

We handpicked for you a lovely pink shade in the delicate sozni kari of Kashmir handcrafted in the t..

Basil Green Paisley Sozni Embroidered Wool Stole

Rs.4,100 Ex Tax: Rs.4,100

Add a bright and beautiful shade of green to your personality against barren winter earth. This gorg..

Basil Green Woolen Floral Stole

Rs.5,997 Ex Tax: Rs.5,997

A gorgeous basil green shade done in the aari embroidered style of Kashmir is up for your ethnic cha..

Berry Maroon Hand Embroidered Woolen Stole

Rs.8,999 Ex Tax: Rs.8,999

Hand crafted in the realms of Kashmiri Aari embroidery is a stole so beautiful, it will take your br..

Biscotti Brown Woolen Floral Stole

Rs.5,997 Ex Tax: Rs.5,997

A splendid white aari embroidered jamawar shawl comes in the sheen of white floral design amidst the..

Black Aari Charm Shawl

Rs.7,777 Ex Tax: Rs.7,777

In the magical color of grace, the classic shade of night black handpicked for your winter ethnic we..

Black Aari Embroidered Woolen Shawl

Rs.3,300 Ex Tax: Rs.3,300

In the eternal charm of black comes a color embellished shawl in beautiful aari floral hues that wil..

Black Aari Embroidered Woolen Stole

Rs.3,400 Ex Tax: Rs.3,400

A brilliant aari embroidered stole in the black base with charming colors off the base is something ..

Black Aari Jamawar Woolen Stole

Rs.4,399 Ex Tax: Rs.4,399

For those who prefer to drape themselves in subtle charms, we have handpicked for you a black stole ..

Black Aari Kari Shawl

Rs.5,625 Ex Tax: Rs.5,625

In the elegance of black comes a beautiful aari embroidered shawl to warm your cold evenings in styl..

Black Butterfly Embroidered Woolen Stole

Rs.5,999 Ex Tax: Rs.5,999

For the fierce lovers of black, comes this bold and beautiful stole to inspire awe and attention for..

Black Curvy Paisley Hand Embroidered Stole

Rs.9,999 Ex Tax: Rs.9,999

Bold paisleys in bright hues of green sit atop this warm woolen stole, its hand embroidered demeanor..