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Black Raisins 400gms

Rs.399Rs.299SALE Ex Tax: Rs.299

Health Benefits Keeps your blood free of impurities. Helps improve hair structure, prevents th..

Dried Kashmiri Water Chestnuts

Rs.189Rs.149SALE Ex Tax: Rs.149

KashmirBox has brought for you the tasty Water Chestnuts from the famous Dal Lake. Commonly known as..

Koshur Big Size Walnut Boxy (400 G)

Rs.299Rs.269SALE Ex Tax: Rs.269

Walnuts are high in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils. Compa..

Koshur Snowball Sugar Sprinkles (Shirin) 400 grams

Rs.149Rs.79SALE Ex Tax: Rs.79

Kashmiri shirin are round lumps of sugar, boiled into white colored balls. They are typically exchan..

Koshur Sugar Mishri Crystals (Naabad) 400 grams

Rs.149Rs.75SALE Ex Tax: Rs.75

Kashmiri Mishri, locally known as Naabud, are unrefined crystals of sugar with a subtle sweet taste ..

Pure Kashmiri Black Raisins (Zeerish) 400 grams

Rs.499Rs.379SALE Ex Tax: Rs.379

Locally known as Zirish, black raisins are cherished when raw and used frequently as an ingredient t..

Pure Kashmiri Brown Raisins (Muncah) 400 grams

Rs.549Rs.499SALE Ex Tax: Rs.499

Brown raisins are locally known as muncah and sourced from the remotest corners of the valley of Kas..

Pure Kashmiri Golden Raisins 400 grams

Rs.499Rs.379SALE Ex Tax: Rs.379

Golden Raisins are as unforgettable in their taste as in their appearance. Their distinct color and ..

Pure Kashmiri Green Raisins 400 grams

Rs.479Rs.349SALE Ex Tax: Rs.349

Kashmiri raisins are rare, but they are delectable! They are grown in Northern regions of Kashmir, p..

Walnut Kernels Light Small Pieces 500 Grams

Rs.699Rs.549SALE Ex Tax: Rs.549

KashmirBox brings to you the best,  premium quality, ready to eat scrumptious dry fruit with ka..

Pine Saffron and Dry Fruit Mix

Rs.380Rs.269SALE Ex Tax: Rs.269

Compliment the benefits of your health drinks with a mix of premium Kashmiri dry fruits and the pris..

Koshur Dried Apricot 400 Grams (Khurmani)

Rs.429Rs.325SALE Ex Tax: Rs.325

Apricots are the colorful fruits rich in flavor and sweetly fragrant. The dried apricot is obtained ..

Koshur One Tree Almond Kernel Delight 400 gms

Rs.799Rs.599SALE Ex Tax: Rs.599

KashmirBox brings for you, the exclusive One Tree Almond Delight, all the almond kernels from just o..

Koshur Kagzi Almonds 400 Grams (With Shell)

Rs.359Rs.269SALE Ex Tax: Rs.269

Almonds are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, and are associated with a number of h..

Koshur Walnuts Boxy 400 Grams

Rs.299Rs.229SALE Ex Tax: Rs.229

Walnuts are high in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils. Compa..