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Spice Up That Curry - 7 Kashmiri Spices to Reckon With

  The Valley of Rich Cuisines as it is called, people of Kashmir have always taken pride in their ability to conjure royal feasts out of  simple ingredients. From royal fetes of Wazwan to routine dishes cooked in every home, the Kashmiris have mastered and  maintained the knack of adding a distinct flavor to their food, which cannot be matched by any other cuisine in the world. When  we hear of Kashmiri kitchen ingredients or spices, the popular saffron flashes our mind. But there is much more to it than just  Saffron. Spices which are simple, yet unheard of blend together in perfect harmony to impart that uniquely Kashmiri flavor which  just cannot be put into words!

A Platter of Hokh Syun - 7 Kashmiri Dried Foods To Taste

   The Valley of Kashmir is known for its harsh and gelid winters and it often happens that the valley is cut off from the rest of the world when it  snows. In order to sustain the difficulties associated with this beautiful, yet tough season, the people of Kashmir sun-dry their vegetables  during peak summers and store them for use during times when the valley stands completely aloof! In the modern times, when there is no  such thing as being cut off, the people of Kashmir still hold on to this dried cuisine as part of their tradition and culture!

As Kashmir Celebrates The Fall of Snow

   The snow spreads smiles across faces as it covers the entire valley into a magnificent white      blanket and feeds the Himalayan glaciers and rivers, providing a supply of pure and pristine  water to every nook and cranny of the valley, as it did on January 6’ 2017 after years of dry  winters in Kashmir. 

  Its downpour became a time for merry making as people welcomed its arrival in joyful ways for    they were all excited about the fun they were about to have. People from different walks of life  enjoy the Sheen in their own unique way. There are activities for everybody, cutting across social  barriers. They range from playful Snow fights in the bylanes of Shehar –e- Khaas (popularly  known as Sheen Jung) to the elite skiing festivals in Gulmarg.  Some like to mark their footprints  over plain sheets of snow while others make a dazzling display of their creativity in making snow    persons, locally known as Shinne Mohnuiv. Some like to make snow ice creams and hog them up  while others like to laze around under a comfortable blanket and let the snowfall do a  therapeutic treatment for them. 

Revamping Your Winter Closet with the Kashmiri Phiran

  •     The colors and fabrics in which Phirans have evolved also count for a major transition not only in the attire but also in    how people in Kashmir view winters.  Earlier, winters used to be associated with gray skies and despondent weathers  which used to reflect in the colors of the phiran – blacks, grays, whites and browns. The new gen, however, believes that  these colors only add to the gloominess of the atmosphere. People have started giving color to this season in how they  dress up and accessorize. They skies may be gray, but people erupt in vibrant hues of color. The phiran remains the same,  but the colors have become vivacious. The winter is not just associated with white anymore. A perfect way to balance  between tradition and modernity, comfort and style, there is no better way to beat the winter chill while looking fab at the  same time!

10 Must See Places in Pahalgam

  Visit Kashmir and you just cannot afford to miss this beautiful called Pahalgam. Often referred to as mini Switzerland or the Valley of Shepherds, this beautiful place is perched between the breathtaking Sheshnag Lake and Lidder. Whether you want to go for a trek with your gang or get together with your family or simply lie under the warm bright sun, listening to the sound of the gushing water, this heavenly place has a  whole wide range of activities to offer to its visitors.


Wicker Willow Wonderments

Wicker willow, locally known as Veer Kani in Kashmir is one of the most significant crafts of Kashmiri Handicraft Industry. There must not be anyone who visited Kashmir and could ignore the presence of this earthy craft spread across the heavenly picturesque of the Vale of Kashmir. These creative and delicately crafted masterpieces of art are a wonderful sight while taking a tour of the rich Kashmiri handicraft markets.

Mohammad Muneem- Expressing through melodies

 Singing happened to me when I wanted to express what I wrote. I wanted someone to sing the words I wrote but no one was really interested. One thing led to another and I found this teacher who taught me the technique to vocals. And the next thing I knew I was doing was singing my own work. I found writing songs really liberating hence, stuck to it. It became my inspiration. What’s the point of doing something that you don’t find any inspiration in doing ! In the beginning, things are undoubtedly hard but that is how you know how much you love d   doing something, when you struggle and strive to do it any way you can. Anything you want to achieve that is food for your soul has to pull you out of your comfort zone and make you go to adll extents of hardship to achieve. 

Five outfits to spruce up this Eid

 Eid ul fitr is a festival of joy and love that is so eagerly awaited by everyone, young and old, after a month long of continuous fasting from dawn to dusk. This Eid in itself is a gift, a blessing from Almighty to celebrate the determined believers’ devotedness. So this festival is an elevated occasion for spilling around love, indulging in mouth-watering delicacies and dressing up in fabulous, colourful dazzling outfits. While you are all still busy praying and fasting, we have put up an easy yet festive collection of outfits for you to choose from and flair this Eid. 

Summer destinations in Kashmir



Kashmir is not a place that you visit once and cross off from your list. Unlike other places, one doesn’t need a season or a particular time of the year to visit this heaven of a place. Beautiful all throughout the year, Kashmir is most known for its kaleidoscopically colorful summer season. Summer, in Kashmir starts at around the onset of May and lasts till 15th of July, which marks the onset of ‘wahraat’ that is the rainy season in the valley. This beautiful ‘Retkol’ (summer) as it is called in Kashmiri language breaths in an altogether different life, marked by blossoms in bloom, gushing rivers into magnanimous lakes, vibrant markets, glorious mornings serene evenings, clear blue skies, starry nights , beauty galore. Kashmir, hence, sees a surge in the number of tourists and visitors from all over the globe in this season. There are travellers, trekkers, sports persons, and people from cinema, photographers, poets and many more. And trust me when I say, the bewitchingly beautiful valley has something to offer to all of them, in ways they want.

Fatima Rasool – Connoisseur in Kashmiri Jams and Pickles

''It is very important to keep moving in life. One needs to stay busy and involved and most importantly financially independent, especially if there are responsibilities to meet. At an age when most of the women give up and consider it as the terminus of their life, we have started a new enterprise and have new heights to scale. It’s never too late to learn new things or make a new start. If we could, so can you. That is the message we want to give to the women of the Valley.''

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